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Farm Produced Pecan Nuts

A Pecan nut is an edible nut encased in a brown shell with a tough outer green coat. They are mainly grown in Georgia, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Outside the United States Pecan Nuts are grown in Australia, Brazil, China, Israel, Mexico, Peru and South Africa. These Pecans have been specially selected by Potash Farm for quality, size and good flavour.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place for up to six months.

Nutrition (typically a 100g supplied) 2873kj/697kcal, Protein 10.9g, Carbohydrate 5.5g (of which sugars 4.1g), Fat 70.1g (of which saturates 5.7g, mono-unsaturates 42.5g, polyunsaturates 18.7g), Fibre 4.7g, Sodium trace, Vitamin A,C,E,K and B6

Pecan Nuts - 454g


Pecan Nuts - 1kg


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Teak and Brass Nut Crackers

Teak and Brass Nut Crackers

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"At last - nutcrackers that are user-friendly, touchy-feely (made of wood), fit in the kitchen drawer and work. I'm not a fan of those big heavy metal ones - I usually end up hitting the nuts with them - so I'm thrilled with this teak and brass design" SagaMagazine
Farm Produced Pecan Nut Gift Bags

Farm Produced Pecan Nut Gift Bags

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Due to popular customer demand these Pecans are another specialty of the Potash Farm range of gifts. Attractively presented within the bag are the Pecan nuts. They make a traditional and excellent Christmas, Easter or one-off gift, available in two sizes.
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